Spatial media design studio

8ND creates a diverse range of spatial media projects and multimedia facades for:
Museums, visitor centers and public spaces
Dance, music and theatre performances
Art installations
Commercial exhibitions
Multimedia sets for TV & films

and more.     
Innovation, creativity and achievability are key factors in our work. For each project, we compose a focused team of leading artists in the relevant fields, which brings new concepts to the table.
We use cutting edge multimedia and AV-integrated technologies to translate your dreams and needs into realized visions. 8ND is always open to develop and apply new solutions on top of using any of the existing available technologies.
Our spatial approach emphasizes the integration between media-art-work and physical-space-architecture; we let media and space play together to create the right impact.
In our work, dreams and achievability must come hand in hand; 8ND applies a practical attitude to realize ambitious and challenging concepts. We bring to life aesthetic, stable, inspiring spatial media displays and installations - whether they breathe calmly or burst with vitality.
At 8ND we cover the entire spectrum of services, from consultation at the conceptual stage to full execution. We provide services as single end-to-end package or any constellation you require:
Content Development
Technology and development
Installation and operation
Administration and project management
Support maintenance to our running projects

Experience, innovation and technical know-how are highly important. We believe these to be truly effective only when provided attentively, patiently, professionally and with a smile
8ND was founded by Bezalel-Academy-for-Art-and-Design graduate Niv Moshe Ben David. Niv operates as a performing video artist in the commercial and art fields since 1999.

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